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How to Reduce the Loss of Hot Waste Gas in Rotary Kiln


Reducing waste gas heat loss in rotary kiln process

① Enhance the thermal exchange of kiln, improve the coefficient of thermal exchange and reduce the temperature of waste gas. If the heat-resistant steel chain is widely used, the chain hanging area should be extended to 1000 ℃ to increase the heat transfer area and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

② Reduce the amount of exhaust gas, maintain a lower excess air coefficient and reduce air leakage under the condition that the fuel is completely extinguished. Compared with the Boer kiln, it is more significant because the heat carried away by the waste gas of liper kiln is as high as 1429kj / kg.

③ For the preheater kiln and the synthetic kiln outside the kiln, the outlet temperature of the waste gas at the kiln tail drops below 380 ℃ after passing through the 4-5 stage preheater system. Although the temperature drops, the amount of waste gas is very large and the heat carried away by the waste gas is considerable. The waste gas is widely used as a drying heat source, and good results can be obtained.

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